7 ways to get you motivated for workout


This Nike quotes relates to the life of all those fitness enthusiasts who loose enthusiasm after a tiring day at work.

But what they need is actually motivation to keep them going.

As they say “Motivation is like bathing,you need it regularly to keep going with full productivity.”

So here are 11 tips to get you motivated for workout.

1. Grab a copy of your favorite sports movie – There is no better way to get you motivated than watching your favorite sports movie about courage and endurance. My favorite being Rudy,story about a small guy who endures to be in world’s no.1 football team.


 2. Churn out old photographs in which you look good. Time to rewind the history and get back into shape. What do you think?


3. Create a realistic weight loss goal. Without a goal,dreams lose their path.


4. Time to buy some Rocky motivation wallpapers for your room. These will keep your mind awake in the direction of your goal.


5. Make use of technology – In this android age, there is nothing better to keep you on the fitness mark than android applications. With so many fitness apps in Google store, you need to start with calorie calculator. This will help you regulate your diet which in turn is most crucial for your fitness goals.


6. Think fun and variety – Best way to start your fitness goal is starting with something you enjoy. If you have a flair for any particular sport say soccer, join a soccer gang of your colony.It will keep you happy and keep you motivated.


7. Convince a friend to workout with you – This works in most of the cases. There are times when we try to booze snooze our morning alarm or cheat our workout. But with a companion in what we tend to be on time and perform well during workouts.


Go run !!


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