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Tired of starting your fitness journey all over again ?? 6 ways to stop giving up


Tonight –  “Come on it’s last cheese burger of my life tonight. From tomorrow it’s just gonna be health and nothing else.”

Next night – ” It was too tiring at work today. I deserve a cheese burger. From tomorrow i promise to myself it’s just gonna be me and my fitness.”

And same story goes on …

Can some of you relate to this?? I bet you will.

There are times in our life when we keep delaying our fitness goals for tomorrow. There are occasions when we start our workout with full determination & within few days we self cheat. Than we again make up our mind and start workout with full effort, loose few pounds and we get a few compliments.

And what follows again is indulgence in guilty pleasure and rather than working out next day we keep on delaying it to the next day. And those pounds we lost are back again, thus we never reach our fitness goals.

If your also suffering from the same problem.Here are 6 ways to keep you going.

1. 21 day theory – Research shows that if a human indulges in an activity consecutively for 21 days it becomes a habit whether it’s waking up early or working out. So all you need to keep reminding yourself is few days to go till the 21st day.


2. Take help from your close relative – There is no better person to audit your habits than your closed one. Research proves if we have a stick on our head we tend to keep going.


3. Time for a weight loss challenge via bet – From my personal experience , i can tell a small bet can turn into a great weight loss challenge. I have seen people betting with a close friend on fitness goals and one of them actually turning it around. So make a real small bet with a friend about a weight loss goal. And just give it your everything !!


4. Keep your goal in your sight – If you have a favorite celebrity whose body you admire or wish to have , get a poster of him/her and put it on your refrigerator. So that every time you open the fridge you are reminded of your goal.

RFC 2013A

5. Grab a workout friend 


 6. Kill the temptation – Most people tend to pause their workout routines after a tiring day at work or when weather is very good/bad . Just make sure you don’t do the same mistake. Just remember you have to reach the gym whether weather is warm/cold or your day was good or bad.Once you reach there, your trainers will take care of your work out.


And lastly it’s never too late. Put your shoes on TODAY and go RUN !!



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5 Healthy teas you should be drinking !! (Instead of cola)

The corporate execs nowadays are overworked and over-caffeinated around the world. The study by US Medical Association has linked over consumption of caffeine in the form of coffee & tea with diseases like obesity,hyper tension etc.

So to escape from all the health woes of caffeine we need to find out healthier alternatives. Check out 5 alternatives which can protect your health from the caffeine related problems.

1. Oolong Tea – Oolong tea activates enzymes that cut down triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood. One study showed that women who consumed oolong tea burned a slightly larger amount of fat than those who drank only water.


Oolong tea


2. Green Tea – Green tea is an excellent source of catechins, another type of antioxidant. A subgroup of this compound known as EGCG has been studied for its potential role in preventing cancer and heart disease. One study showed that drinking one cup of green tea per day could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent.



Green Tea


3. Lemon Ginger Tea – Ginger has an active ingredient called zingiber, and lemon contains the immune-boosting compounds pectin and limonene. This epic duo makes lemon ginger tea an effective weapon against bacterial infections. One study shows that drinking lemon ginger tea can even kill the bacteria linked to salmonella!


Lemon Ginger tea



4. Chamomile Tea – Chamomile tea is an ancient natural remedy with many health benefits. Research shows that the antioxidants in chamomile tea may help stunt the growth of cancer cells and prevent diabetes side effects such as loss of vision, nerve damage and kidney damage. Unlike the teas mentioned above, chamomile tea is made from the flowers of the chamomile plant.


Chamomile Tea

5. Echinacea tea – Echinacea purpurea is a commonly used natural compound that fights illnesses such as the common cold and other respiratory infections. One study showed that consuming Echinacea in tea or lozenge form over a four-month period helped to prevent infections.


Echinacea Tea

Enjoy Sipping health !! 


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Planning to get into shape…Let’s do it together !!



This blog is all about our mutual fitness journey and the secrets explored.

Firstly, i will like to give a brief introduction about myself. A simple punjabi corporate guy whose weakness is food.I have been indulging myself in guilty pleasure via food since childhood. But this indulgence has given me constant guilt and rising obesity since years. This guilt and pouch has given way to my low self esteem turning me into anti-girl and anti-social species.

But recently a day came, when i decided enough is enough.This occasion was the engagement of a girl i aspired since long. But my low self esteem and bulky looks never allowed me to think i am her worth.

When i was a small kid everybody used to adorn my physical looks specialy ladies..:p.

But this cuisine pleasure has taken more from me than it has given me. It has created me into an ugly mammal with low self confidence and fading dreams.

Thus arose an aspiration to be that kid again. I wish to see that beautiful kid again in me. I wish to dream again. So here thus i am starting my journey to fitness.

I believe mutual motivation can do wonders. So i am writing this blog to motivate all friends around the world who are striving to get fit like me.

Come on friends let’s start a “mutual” fitness revolution and go for our dreams!!



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